The Workplace as Strategic Tool

Challenge In an ever more hectic society, peoples’ wellbeing at work is paramount. With a growing wealth of evidence that sustainable and healthy work environments encourage productivity and innovation, they have become a top strategic tool for a company.

Solutions To maximize productivity, collaboration and employee wellbeing, a holistic approach should be taken to the planning of a top work environment. Altanova provides a thorough analysis of conditions like thermal comfort, air quality, acoustics, privacy, health and other conditions, meaning our clients can make informed design decisions.


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How You Can Engage Minds and Workers

Employees today prefer companies which live up to social and environmental standards in a way their predecessors did not. They also have different methods of working which are often ignored by companies who seek to boost efficiency by measuring narrow metrics like cost per square foot.

A better question to ask is “does the design of my workspace help or hinder performance?”

Spaces can be designed to produce specific outcomes or encourage certain behaviors. Some spaces encourage privacy and minimize distractions. Others enable vocal collaboration and experimentation with new ideas. Whatever your workers need, the principle is that there is no one size fits all “ideal” workspace. Like all good design, the form should follow the function of the user. So the first step is the figure out the different ways in which duties and activities are carried out.

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