Smart Workplace

Smart Workplace is the title of a suite of workplace design strategies which Altanova produced in 2016 for one of our clients, a leading technology firm. The suite offers guidance on workplace design with a view to maximizing productivity and sustainability.

The main values that are emphasized are flexibility, adaptability and greater adjustment to the individual task at hand. To this end,  collaboration is the key activity which the environment seeks to foster. To achieve this the design moves away from traditional, assigned individual workplaces towards a more free-flowing series of themed workplaces in which employees can move as needed between open workspaces as their tasks demand (while providing access to lockers for personal possessions).

The guidelines also govern other factors which contribute to the wellbeing of employees such as lighting, thermal comfort, air quality, acoustics and other areas. In combination, these factors can lead to a ten percent increase in company-wide productivity (Skopek & Bost, 2013).


21% of employees rate the workplace as a top factor for remaining at a job – Managing Employee Retention, Phillips & O’Connell

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