Resilient On-Site Energy Strategy for Hotels at JFK Airport



Maximize ROI and minimize cost of sustainable on-site generation system at JFK Airport.


  • Two hotels at JFK Airport were found to have excessively high energy expenditure and looked to validate the feasibility of a cost-saving, on-site energy generation system.
  • Altanova identified a great opportunity for a combined cooling, heating and power (tri-generation) system due to the need for a continuously operating, resilient system.
  • We involved NYSERDA, the local energy research authority, to sponsor an investment-grade analysis into the optimal system size, location, interconnection and other feasibility factors. We also performed a full economic analysis including cash flow considerations, tax benefits and available incentives.


We identified an economically feasible on-site generation system that provided a 42% in energy cost savings through improved fuel efficiency and tri-generation capabilities. We also identified over $900,000 in incentives to reduce the cost of implementing the system.


reduction in energy costs

< 3 year

simple payback period